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This site is intended as an information tool with information and videos on how to find coupons and deals online. The coupons found here vary from printable coupons to coupon codes that can be entered online at the time of checkout. As coupons are only valid for a set number of days, some promo codes may have expired by the time you read this. However, we aim to update this website every 2 months, to make sure that the deals are current.

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As an example, we will use the coupons for Best Buy, the electronics shop. For coupons for other stores and business, please see the relevant page.

The Best Buy electronics store always have some amazing deals going on and this year is no different. We have highlighted some of the best deals on our page BEST BUY COUPONS.

If you are looking for Kolhls Coupons, Amazon promotional code, Jcpenney Coupons or any other type of promotional offers for specific stores, please see the ‘pages’ menu in the side bar, for the correct page.

How to find coupons:

Finding promotional offers, such as Best Buy discount vouchers, on the internet is not easy. Sure, enough there will be many website claiming to offer these deals and some of them even claim to offer printable vouchers. However, 99% percent of these will turn out to have expired or are simply not valid for other reasons.

So, how do find the discount deals that work?

First of all it is important to distinquish between the 2 types of  ‘Coupons’:

Firstly, there are the ‘coupon codes’ , also known as ‘promo codes’. These codes are a series of numbers or letters, that must be typed in at checkout when you order online. These codes are easier to find, but often you don’t know if they are still valid until you type them into the ‘promotional code’ box on a retailers website. We encourage people to share the codes that they find online in the comment section below, for others to enjoy. Also, it is important to point out that only 1 code can typically be typed in and that they cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or physical coupons. It should also be mentioned that more and more companies now use cellphone codes, that are sent directly to you phone. Best Buy Stores also use this system and after you receive your promo code, you just show it at checkout.

You can start by searching our site, for ‘coupon codes’ or ‘promo codes’ for good examples, as we aim to publish the codes here, whenever we come across them.

Secondly, there are physical coupons, which are actual pieces of paper that must be handed in the actual store, where you are buying your products. These can be for 10% off, 25% off, a FREE item when you buy certain products or they could be the well known buy-one-get-one-free grocery coupons, that are also popular in the casual dining market. Often you will find ‘printable coupons’ advertised, as well, and these are simply online images that you can print out at home and then bring to the store fro your discount. We have added some examples on our various pages.

Here are some tips on getting you hands on actual coupons:

1) Try calling the company up and ask for some to be sent to you. You will be surprised that this actually works in many cases, but it really depends on the company. You can also ask the employees at the store, if they have some lying around, and if you do it with a smile, you might be pleasantly surprised. It has worked for me a couple of times, especially in grocery chains and restaurant chains.

2) Check your junk mail. You might think of the advertising mail you get in the post is mostly junk, and granted, most of it is, but local branches often send you coupons in the post, to entice you to enter their shops. So, have a quick look through your mail and collect the valuable paper ‘money’ that you find and store them together for later use.

3) Check local newspapers. This is favourite way for local Best Buy stores and Walmart, Target and Kmarts stores to offer coupons to potential customers There can be some excellent deals in there, if you know where to look, and the hope for the companies is ofcourse that though they might loose money on the free or discounted items offered in the coupons, they will make up for it once you are in the store: Either you will buy plenty of other normal priced items, or you will be so positive about the whole coupon shopping experience, that they have gained a happy repeat customer in you.

4) Look online. Well,  look here at our site, for starters, as we will add printable coupons when we come across them. You can also do a google image search for printable coupons, but I guarantee that 99% of the coupons you will find this way are old ones that have already expired. So what next? One good tip is using Ebay, where you can buy 100′s of coupons in a bundle, if you know where to look. We have added a video on this exact advice in our video section.

5) Sign up on the companies reward systems on their own websites or ‘like’ their Facebook page. This way you will often get printable coupon sent directly to your email or Facebook account, when new offers are promoted.

Best Buy Coupons -Printable 2012 Geeksquad coupon.

Best Buy Coupons: An example of a Printable 2012 coupon for 10% all services from the ‘Geeksquad’ part of the Best Buy stores chain. This printable coupon expires 1/31/2012. Click on the image TWICE to enlarge it.

Mobile Coupons – The New Trend!

By the end of 2012′s holiday shopping season, that number of people who use mobile coupons (cellphone coupons) had risen to 11%, according to comScore. That’s $18.6 billion in consumer spending! By 2014 the number of mobile coupon users is expected to increase to 53.2 million a year.

So why are retailers and brands offering mobile coupons more and more? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Driving digital revenue: Successful coupon campaigns can help e-retailers acquire customers and drive online sales. By 2014 the number of mobile coupon users is expected to increase to 53.2 million a year. At roughly 10%, the redemption rate of mobile coupons crushes that of print coupons, which hovers around 1%.
  • Increasing offline sales and foot traffic to physical stores: Effective coupon strategies can lure more consumers into bricks-and-mortar locations. Mobile coupons are also proving to be a path into mobile for large consumer packaged goods brands that have previously shunned the medium.
  • Building relationships: Coupons are essentially just another channel through which to communicate with consumers. It’s useful to think of coupons less as a discounting vehicle, and more a piece of content with an offer appended. If coupons are done right, they will weave a customer and a retailer or brand more tightly together.
  • Gathering data: Because they are received on phones but often redeemed offline, coupons are a perfect medium for acquiring consumer data. It is a great way for them to collect data on offline purchases and close the mobile-to-offline purchase loop. In a world where the linking of offline and online consumer behavior is still a daunting challenge, that’s a valuable resource.

Money is saved!

So, whether you are buying a laptop, a mobile phone, a meal at a restaurant or laundry detergent, the advice is to always look for coupons first. There are many men and women, who have managed to buy 100′s of dollars worth of products just by using coupons smartly. Just have a look at these videos for some tips and inspiration:

The ‘Coupon Diva’ has made coupon clippin a lifestyle. See her advice here:

Video of Kathy Spencer, who feed her family of 6 for just 4$ per month! Watch how she does it here:

-Now please visit our individual pages for the latest coupon and promotional codes for the various retailers. Also, if you have come across a working code or if you have a shopping tip worth sharing, then please add it in the comment section for others to enjoy.

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