Red Lobster coupons are a blessing! Save up 0p 25% with the latest Red Lobster coupons and coupon codes and learn about the Red Lobster Menu and the company history.

The Red Lobster menu is a nirvana for seafood lovers and if you are have dined there before then you probably agree. The quality, freshness and variety is unparalleled by any American chain of restaurants. But when times are tough, but you still don’t want to deny yourself life’s little pleasures, then you need to save some cash where you can. With  coupons, this is now achievable and very easy.

We have collected the latest Red Lobster coupon codes, deals and discount s here on one place, for you to enjoy. The page will be updated every 2 months, to keep the coupon information new. Deals expire and coupons become invalid after a while, and some of the coupons on this page may already have done so, but just check in regularly for newer deals.

If you are looking for Red Lobster Menu information and Red Lobster Locations, then please visit our page RED LOBSTER MENU.


The best in seafood dining in America is Red Lobster. These restaurants  specializes in every exotic variety of fish, you may have heard of, but with quality comes high prizes, so any discount that is offered is welcomed by seafood fans.
Red Lobster printable coupons offer discounts from 10 per cent to 50 percent off and you can even qualify for their 2-for-1 meal offers, if you join their club.

Occasionally, the company offer in the form of promo codes or coupon codes, which must be entered on their website, wehn you order a meal online. These are easy to use, but expire quickly, so some of the codes below may already have expired. Please add any new Red Lobster coupon code, you might find, in the comment section.

Red Lobster coupon codes:

COUPON CODE:5538 02996 2023. $50.00 prize
COUPON CODE:99108. buy one get one free code.
COUPON CODE:038250584125. This is for a survey contest.

The Red Lobster Club:

The Red Lobster Fresh Catch club is a club for  regular Red Lobster customers. Joining is very easy and it is completely free. Just go to and sign up..

By joining you will get:

Alerts about special Red Lobster events.
A birthday gift. A surprise gift on your birthday. You need to koin the club atleast 7 days before your birthday.
Red Lobster printable coupons and special deals


In the beginning of January 2014, the company 2 excellent coupons, especially for its Red Lobster Fresh Catch club members.

These coupons are the $4 off any 2 adult dinner entrees Red Lobster coupon and also a $3 off any 2 adult lunch entrees Redlobster coupon.

These  coupons expire January 24th 2014, so you must be quick. If you are too late, then keep checking back here. We will update this page with newer coupon information, once it becomes available.

Another way to find out abou the latest deals is to ‘like’ their page on Facebook. That way you will be the first to know whenever they roll out a new promotion.

-Please, also have a look at our page RED LOBSTER MENU, for information on Red Lobster menu changes and the Red Lobster locations.

If you come across a good Red Lobster coupon, then please post a link or the code in the comment section.

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